It is a strange process of coming up with a research identity and a research statement that reflects it. It’s an interactive, iterative process of (1) doing some research work, and then (2) trying to state what the direction is, and then repeating. Anyway, here is where I’m at for now:

Broadly, my research focuses on the governance of digital platforms, especially in the context of gig work (e.g. Uber, Lyft, Freelancer, DoorDash) and content creation (e.g. TikTok, YouTube) platforms. In these settings, I am interested in the multidirectional relationships between workers/creators, managers, technologists, policymakers, researchers, and broader society. Among these stakeholders, who gets to decide what policies obtain, how, and on what grounds? As an economist and STS scholar, I am especially interested in understanding (and problematizing) the role and construction of market governance and quantitative economic expertise in these settings. Thematically, I am especially interested in questions related to fairness and inequality. Methodologically, I strive for an interdisciplinary approach that blends rigorous empirical quantitative analysis with conceptual work based in philosophy and science and technology studies (STS).

I think that gets at least some things right about what I’d like to be doing (and maybe have done).