This project is a collaboration with Evan via 90percentart

One of the things I find interesting about generative AI is the potential to make relatively simple tools and devices substantially more quirky, dynamic, and surprising. With this in mind, Evan and I built a simple AI poetry box:

AI Poetry Box

When you press the button, out comes a little AI-generated poem. The poems are generated via the OpenAI GPT-3 API, called from a Raspberry Pi that lives inside the 3D-printed box we made. The receipt printer is this one from Adafruit.

Poetry Box Back

The poems are a real grab bag – some interesting, some strange, some cliche, some boring:

Sample Poems

One interesting poem:

My love is like
a spilled can of red paint

I never know where to put it
or how to clean it up.

Here is the poetry box in action:

The poetry box now lives on my bookshelf, so if you come over to visit you’re welcome to a free AI-generated poem.

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