Driverless Car Burns


Waymo Vehicle surrounded and then graffiti’d, windows were broken, and firework lit on fire inside the vehicle which ultimately caught the entire vehicle on fire.

Photo by: Séraphine Hossenlopp (source)

Human Writers Only


Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images (source)

Leave AI to Sci-Fi


The pen is mightier than the algorithm

The WGGB’s main concerns are decreased job opportunities, suppression of pay, copyright infringement, use of writers’ work without permission and lack of adequate government regulation.

Photo: Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images (source)

Don’t Make the Genie before the Lamp


Protesters Decry Meta’s “Irreversible Proliferation” of AI.

Photo: Misha Gurevich (source)

Members of Safe Street Rebel place a cone on a self-driving Cruise car in San Francisco


Two people dressed in dark colors and wearing masks dart into a busy street on a hill in San Francisco. One of them hauls a big orange traffic cone. They sprint toward a driverless car and quickly set the cone on the hood.

The vehicle’s side lights burst on and start flashing orange. And then, it sits there immobile.

“All right, looks good,” one of them says after making sure no one is inside. “Let’s get out of here.” They hop on e-bikes and pedal off.

All it takes to render the technology-packed self-driving car inoperable is a traffic cone. If all goes according to plan, it will stay there, frozen, until someone comes and removes it.

Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images (source)

Robocars cannot judge the road conditions


Opponents of an expansion of self-driving cars protested on a sidewalk where the California Public Utilities Commission was holding a hearing on the issue on Monday

Photo: Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Put People Above Robots


Teamsters Stand Up for Safety, Call for an End to Driverless Car Havoc on San Francisco Streets.

“These companies talk about the public being safer with their cars on the road, but the reality is they’ve made living and working in San Francisco even harder,” said John Bouchard, Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 350. “There’s more congestion, traffic is worse, public safety is worse, and they’re making it difficult for firefighters and police to respond to emergencies.”

“We cannot have fake brains and fake intelligence on our streets,” said Supervisor Shamann Walton of District 10. “These Cruise vehicles are dangerous on our streets. We cannot continue to have tragedies at the hands of machines. We’re going to fight Cruise and all autonomous vehicle companies until we have responsible human beings behind the wheel so our residents are safe in San Francisco.”


Makeup to protest police use of facial recognition technology


It’s a rainy evening in East London and a group of people with their faces daubed in bizarre make-up is making their way silently through the neighborhood’s busy streets. Nobody speaks although many commuters and tourists stare. This is The Dazzle Club.

Set up by four artists, the group dons camouflage make-up and leads a silent public walk once a month in protest of live facial recognition police cameras in London. The make-up is called CV Dazzle and, when applied correctly, it tricks the cameras into being unable to detect a face.

Photo: The Dazzle Club/Cocoa Laney - Source

Cap_able blocks facial recognition software with knitted clothing


Cap_able designed the clothing with patterns – known as adversarial patches – to deceive facial recognition software in real-time.

Cap_able is “a fashion deisign studio that develops products at the intersection of ethics and technology”.




“You can think of Nightshade as adding a small poison pill inside an artwork in such a way that it’s literally trying to confuse the training model on what is actually in the image,” Zhao says.

“So it will, for example, take an image of a dog, alter it in subtle ways, so that it still looks like a dog to you and I — except to the AI, it now looks like a cat,” Zhao says.

Source - paper