First posted: October 16, 2023.

Ryan and I (and sometimes including Kassandra, Jesse and others) have been meeting regularly to read and discuss around a set of themes connected to digital technology governance, politics, and economics with a bent towards cooperative/democratic/pluralistic themes. In this post, I will keep tabs on some of our reading; I’ll also keep a list of other things I find interesting on these themes.

Some reading we have worked through (to various extents) so far:

Some things that are currently in flight:

Some other things that are on my radar on these themes:

I will plan to keep updating this post as we make progress. If you have suggestions or are interested in reading/discussing on these themes as well, please reach out (fossj117 at gmail dot com).

Ryan and I are also interested in reading/thinking/building in a more applied vein on these themes, so that may be a direction going forward.